SUVs are Like Jeans

Yeah, I came to that conclusion after watching the BBC 3 documentary “Secrets of the Superbrands” (Here: ). Pretty cool documentary about the fashion industry and the power of brands, etc. Anyways, they told the story of the origins of the Levis brand and how it started as a way to salvage canvas from the Civil War into work clothes for miners. 

Imagen …we are fashion trendsetters.

And thus was born the ubiquitous blue jeans.

Imagen I invented the jeans, now look at my beard!

I was encumbered by an epiphany right there and then as I realized that that’s just how the SUV started and evolved! The parallels are there: The original CJ Jeep started as a way to use the Jeep after World War 2, just like Levis jeans after the Civil War. Mind you, the Jeep didn’t start as the fun-loving off-roader it later evolved into, but rather as a work horse. In fact, they didn’t even know for sure what the Jeep was good for, so they were trying to make it into some sort of farm tractor/utility conveyance. 


In the future, we’ll plow shopping mall parking lots!

The Land Rover had such agricultural beginnings as well.

Imagen We’re not in a mall yet.

But as it so happens with many new things, The People had a different opinion, so the Jeep became first an off-roader and then, as it evolved into our beloved SUVs, it became first a means to convey an attitude and an image of rugged, active life, and then, the fashion statement it is today. The jeans followed a similar path. After being solely work clothes until somewhere around mid-20th century, suddenly a new type of human being, the teenager, began to wear them, not for work but, you guessed it, to express an attitude. 

Imagen  We used to be miners!

Imagen I used to plow the fields!

Today, $100 fashion-brand jeans are as far removed from work clothes as $70.000 luxo SUVs are from the humble farm tool origins of the 4×4.





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