My car stuff internet guide

These are the car related webpages I currently visit most often:


1. Jalopnik : This webpage is a lot of fun! Al kinds of crazy stuff about cars and the car world, sprinkled with other interesting subjects. Definitely one of the first things I check on the internet before I begin my productive day.

2. The Truth About Cars : Similar to Jalopnik but a bit more serious and structured. There is an awesome section called “Vellum Venom” which is about car design reviews and musings by an ex car designer named Sajeev Mehta.

3. km77 : Spanish webpage devoted to new car reviews, written in a serious no nonsense style. Very informative and unbiased, but the best thing is the high quality photos and complete specs for almost every car reviewed. Very comprehensive source of euro car information.

4. Petrolicious : This site worships classic cars and youngtimers with a passion. Their videos interviewing classic car owners are superb and inspiring. Definitely a great place to hang out if you love classic cars and the classic car ethos.

5. Jean Knows About Cars : Webpage/blog by the one and only Jean Jennings, ex chief editor of Automobile magazine. Her videos are really nice and she really is a fun-loving car person.

6. Motorweek : Official Youtube channel for that dean of American car review shows. Plus, you gotta love John Davis and his signature “Well hello and welcome to Motorweek, I’m John Davis and we’re glad to have you with us”. Just makes me wanna hug the guy!

7. Test Drive Junkie : An active and very much alive repository of wonderful vintage videos about test drives, comparisons, crash tests, and manufacturer promos. As the name suggests, this webpage is dangerously addictive!

8. Evo, Autocar, /Drive, Motor Trend Channel : I lump them together because I always end up watching two or three of them in a row. Evo has lost it a little bit after Harry Metcalfe left, but it’s still pretty good. Autocar is always great when the video is by Steve Sutcliffe. He may look like your typical Ryanair tourist visiting Spain, often appearing on video wearing shorts, no socks and untucked shirts but he transmits so much passion about cars in his videos that you wish you could buy him a beer or two just to talk about cars. Motor Trend has great reviewers and its annual Best Driver’s Cars feature is just awesome, especially with professional race car driver Randy Pobst giving his opinion on each car. It’s a must watch feature. /Drive is great because it now employs the great Chris Harris, in my opinion, currently the best car video host in the internet.

9. Jay Leno’s Garage : Recently got hooked on this YouTube channel. It’s of course about Jay Leno, the US late show host and his immense passion for cars, not to mention his awesome car collection. The guy is genuinely nice and passionate about cars.

10. Centro Storico Fiat : This one is for the outer edges of the car enthusiast world. It’s the official channel for the Fiat museum (Centro Storico Fiat) and it’s chock full of wonderful vintage Fiat, Lancia, Alfa, Iveco, etc, videos. If you’re a fan, like me, of all that stuff (a freak, by another name) then avoid this channel if you have to get your hours of sleep.


Well, these are a few of the car webpages I visit on an almost daily basis. Of course, there are lots of other sites I visit and also lots more I have yet to discover, but this above is a pretty comprehensive selection. Enjoy!



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